is a Palauan word that means to protect and shelter, in the way that the fronds of a coconut palm can be used to provide shelter from the elements.

Alii & Welcome!

Alii and greetings from Melekau, the parent company of Melekau Insurance Agency and Melekau Environmental Consulting.

Melekau Insurance Agency was founded in 1996 to provide insurance services that include Property & Casualty, Life, and Group Health. Since its inception, Melekau Insurance Agency has cultivated a strong working relationship with clientele providing quality insurance services underwritten by AM Best rated and US Treasury listed insurance companies.

In 1998 Melekau Environmental Consulting responded to a growing need for professional environmental services by both local interests and overseas investors pursuing various projects in Palau. Melekau Environmental Consulting specializes in environmental assessment, monitoring, and permitting from state and national agencies.

What Melekau Offers:


Melekau Insurance Agency is a well established independent insurance agency providing Property & Casualty, Life, and Group Health Insurance. Read more.

Environmental Services:

Melekau Environmental is able to bring a team of able professionals to projects with extensive local experience. Read more.

Development Services:

Public/Private sector projects. Read more.